Minelab X-Terra Pro

Metal detector Minelab X-Terra Pro is a 2023 novelty introduced by Minelab in the IWA exhibition in Germany. X-Terra Pro model is a modern, updated version of the legendary X-Terra series currently discontinued that was quite popular in the past.

Nevertheless, it has little in common with the previous models. It is more like a simplified Equinox model. The metal detector does have quite much in common with Equinox. For example, all Equinox search coils will work for X-Terra Pro, plus the devices look the same.


All-Metal ShortcutYes
Custom Search Profiles6
Ground BalanceAuto, Manual, Tracking
Noise CancelAuto (19 Channels)
Operating Frequencies (kHz)Park and Field: 5, 10, 15 | Beach: 8
Search ModesPark, Field, Beach
Sensitivity1 to 25
Target Identification (TID)119 segment notch discrimination: Ferrous: -19 to 0 I Non-ferrous: 1 to 99
Target Tonesl, 2, 5, All Tones (At), Depth (dP)
Target Volume0 to 25
Threshold Level0 to 25
Threshold PitchFixed
Tone BreakFerrous (FE)

Minelab X-Terra Pro metal detector uses 5, 10, 15 kHz operation frequencies and 8 kHz for gold nuggets search mode. It doesn’t have multi-frequency technology, Multi IQ. The device has an IP68 protection level, and it can be submerged up to 5 meters deep. The device package set includes a 12х9 inch search coil. Also, there you can find a magnetic charging cable and a manual.

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If needed, you can additionally get a power adapter cable to charge the device in a car and headphones adaptor from 6,35 to 3,5 mm, three types of headsets (one is for underwater search and the other is wireless); plus two DD-coils (8х5 inch and 10х7 inch, waterproof up to 5 m deep).

Minelab X-Terra Pro has three search modes “Park,” “Field,” and “Beach.” It uses Pro Switch technology with an operation frequency setting.