Welcome to Undercoil.com! Here we are glad to see everyone, who is interested in treasure hunting both on dry land and under water.

UnderCoil was created by treasure hunting geeks. Our task is to help those, who want to get involved into this exciting hobby. We all started from the basics, we used to dig everything and anything the device detects and asked tons of questions in various forums and social nets.

Quite often we received answers, which contained rather contradictory information, sometimes even faced bullying or complete ignorance in this area.

However, gradually we accumulated some experience, knowledge and now we would like to share all of these with other treasure hunting fans and professional detectorists.

UnderCoil Authors

Peter Harrington has been into this hobby for over 10 years already. Everything started when he got his first metal detector and found a coin that was over 30 years old.

His basic treasure hunting interest is relic hunting. Peter is lucky to live in Europe, the country with rather rich history. Romans, Goths, Mongols and dozens of other nations used to live there.

As for the most memorable findings, we can mention golden jewelry item dating back to the 2nd century AD, arrowheads made in the 5th century BC and some gold Roman denarius.

Peter likes using high operating frequencies and exploring new places on the map. He is the author, editor and a mastermind of most articles posted on Undercoil.com.

Joseph Hampton is a military retiree and a mine locator was his first metal detector. Joseph started as a detectorist more than 10 years ago.

As a former military man, he likes everything that is somehow connected to war – bullets, cold and fire arms, various medals and badges of rank.

He travels to Europe to his colleagues, where he has a chance to search for WW2 traces.

His most valuable findings are The Wound Badge and Silver (2nd class) for being wounded three or four times.

Ortis Diego is a fan of everything that is connected with water.

Diving, snorkeling, freediving and underwater treasure hunting with a metal detector.

He is the luckiest of us all, since the number of valuable findings on the beaches only increases each year.