Top pinpointers

Our current review contains the most essential information about the best pinpointers made by the most famous brands. The article will save your time and money since you’ll be able to select the pinpointer that meets your specific requirements and search conditions.

There is a wide range of devices on the market. About two dozens of various pinpointers that make detectorists life easier can be found there.

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Nokta Pinpointer

In this review we introduce Nokta Pinpointer. This affordable pinpointer made by the Turkish company has been on the market for several years already and has a good track record in treasure hunters community. The review has information about the device weight, its submergibility and reliability as well as if the device is worth its money.

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Here you’ll find XP MI-6 pinpointer review. From this article you will know what makes the device different from its rivals, what its features are, how much it weighs, what the device package set includes and whether the pinpointer is submergible.

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Minelab Pro-Find 35 and 15

Here is a review of Minelab pinpointers. There will be two models in the review – Pro-Find 35 and 15. Despite the fact, that the devices are very much alike, they have different functionality. Below we’ll describe these differences in detail.

In the article you will find information about the operating frequency of the pinpointer, what kind of batteries it requires, if you can submerge the device, etc.

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