Metal detector frequency – what is it, and what for?

Have you ever tried to get through the concept of metal detector operating frequency? When I took up this hobby, I tried to do some research. But I didn’t succeed and bought a metal detector that seemed good because of its price. After some time passed, I understood that such an approach doesn’t work. You should understand the operating principles, advantages, and disadvantages of this or that technology and use them to the maximum.

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Metal detecting – only true stories about the hobby

Metal detecting has become popular relatively recently, and it seems to stay popular for not that long, though. Why? Because this is a kind of a hobby with a finite resource. Since what you have dug out from the ground will never get back there.

So, the above-mentioned means that you should enjoy metal detecting while you can.

This article will help you to know everything about metal detecting. You will find out what kind of treasures to look for and where; what metal detectors to use as well as how to clean and store your valuable findings.

Also, here there is information about the equipment and metal detectors you may need as well as how to avoid the most common metal detecting mistakes.

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Nokta Makro Premium Shovel

A Turkish metal detector manufacturer has designed a novelty – a sectional shovel made of stainless steel. The shovel consists of two parts. It can be quickly both assembled and disassembled. Besides, it has an arrow-headed and tooth-shaped blade and a T-handle. There is a laser print ruler on the blade.

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Study: archeological finds in England and Wales

In this study, I’ll tell you about what I’ve managed to find out while studying statistics of archeological finds in England and Wales. You will learn how many finds of national importance are there in your area, what are the most common finds here, and how soon the total number of finds will be more than 1 500 000.

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Metal detectors Nokta Mini Hoard and Nokta Midi Hoard

Nokta Makro Mini Hoard is the first totally waterproof metal detector for children. It will be a good device for children aged 4 to 14. From this article, you will find about its operation frequency, search coil, if it will work for beach hunting, can it detect bottle caps, and what makes this metal detector different from its elder brother – Nokta Makro Midi Hoard.

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