A treasure hunter finds a Spanish gold coin on Florida beach after the storm

Beach metal detecting is not for lazy ones. Hundreds of metal caps, foil, and other rubbish left by holidaymakers drive treasure hunters crazy. However, sometimes you can find real treasures – gold, silver, and platinum jewelry. One of our readers was lucky to find a treasure from the past – a Spanish gold coin from 1792.

One of our site followers – Eduardo Tejada, has been doing beach treasure hunting for quite a long time. He used to live in California, and for many years, he was metal detecting for jewelry. Just take a look at his finds! (that is just half of them).

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Manticore is a new metal detector by Minelab!

At the end of August, Minelab presented a new device. It has got the name ‘Manticore’ after the mythological monster with a lion body, man head, and scorpio tail. When watching the presentation, I’ve concluded that this is a continuation of Minelab CTX 3030 series. This means that this is a premium segment of Minelab metal detectors.

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Quest XPointer Max

American manufacturer Quest Metal Detectors has produced a new pinpointer with a metals discrimination function. Quest XPointer Max is completely waterproof, and it has an illuminated display, internal battery; and can also see between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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