Things you didn’t know about how to take care of your metal detector

Metal detectors, like any other equipment, require a maximum of attention and proper care. If you don’t pay enough attention to these, your device may fail you at any moment.

We should mention that a metal detector itself is quite a demanding equipment which requires a proper attitude. That’s why let’s revise some rules of how to take care and store your metal detector:

1. You should store the device and its accessories in a dry and cool place. Keep the device out from direct sunlight. You mustn’t store your metal detector in a place where extreme temperatures are possible since they can cause the device malfunctions. Because of extreme temperatures, plastic may lose its structural behavior and then start to crack and crumble.

2. Accumulator battery is the heart of any metal detector. For reliable and flawless operation, you should keep the battery charged. Most of the devices use Li-Ion batteries. They are sensitive to high temperatures and excessive power levels. If you maintain optimal storage conditions, you can essentially increase the operational life of the battery and decrease its capacity loss. To decrease the capacity loss while storing the battery, you should keep Li-Ion the battery in a working order and don’t let it discharge. It should stay charged at about 40%. Don’t leave the battery completely discharged or charged.

3. Almost all accumulator batteries are equipped with a rubber cover that protects the battery from humidity. It also requires care. You should remove rubbish from its surface. Pay attention, the rubber may shift, and moisture may ingress inside.

4. Don’t leave your metal detector in the car when it is boiling; because of this, the battery and all the device electronics get out of order.

5. After you finish your metal detecting, don’t forget to clean the device. Don’t let it get too dirty during the treasure hunting process, avoid sand ingress inside the shaft, search coil, or control unit.

6. The device shaft is also an important part of its construction. It’d be enough just to clean it with a cloth after each trip. Don’t forget about the search coil, since it often gets scratched during the metal detecting process. So, it’d ve a good idea to buy a protective cover for it.

7. You should prevent your device from contacting with any aggressive chemical washing agents and solvents. You shouldn’t use any means for bathroom cleaning to clean the device! Just clean it with a soft wet napless cloth and then with a dry one.

8. It’s also not recommended to use any repellents close to a metal detector. Use them at least 2-3 meters away from the device to avoid any unwanted issues. As manufacturers state, repellents may damage plastic details and covers.

9. Don’t try to fish the device control unit on our own if you don’t have any corresponding education and skills. Take the device to customer services.

10. Practice more with your metal detector. Read the user manual attentively, don’t skip the ‘Safety measures’ section. It will help you during the metal detecting process.

In general, use your common sense. Your metal detector, like any other electronic device, requires proper care and you to follow safety instructions.