Weatherproof Wonder: Exploring the Fisher F22 Metal Detector

Fisher manufactures a product line of metal detectors labeled as F11, F22 and F44. Here you can read about the flagship F44 model. As for this article, it is devoted to a bit lower level model of the device called F22. Let’s keep in mind, that these metal detector models are very much alike and their functions are described in more details in the article about F44, but this article will complete the latter with some additional information – especially regarding the device assembly process and settings, which will be useful for those, who are using this model for the first time.

What is the difference between Fisher F11, F22 and F44?

In fact, this is all about whether the device has VDI or not, some different device settings as well as coil types.

Fisher F22 looks like some kind of compromise decision between completely simple metal detector model and the advanced one. At that, the device has rather significant search depth and discrimination function.

The Fisher F22 is a popular metal detector known for its user-friendly design and versatility. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate metal detector enthusiasts. Here are some key features and information about the Fisher F22:

  1. Weatherproof Design: The Fisher F22 is weatherproof, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions. However, it’s important to note that it’s not fully submersible.
  2. Single Frequency Operation: The detector operates at a single frequency, which is commonly around 7.69 kHz.
  3. Adjustable Sensitivity: Users can adjust the sensitivity level of the detector to optimize performance based on the ground conditions and target depth.
  4. Visual Target ID: The F22 includes a visual target ID display that provides a numerical scale to help identify the type of metal detected.
  5. Fe-Tone (Adjustable Iron Audio): The detector features an adjustable iron audio setting, allowing users to set the volume of ferrous targets.
  6. 9-Segment Target Categories: The visual display includes 9-segment target categories, providing more detailed information about detected targets.
  7. Depth Indicator: The detector includes a depth indicator on the display, providing an estimate of how deep a target is buried.
  8. Audio Feedback: The F22 provides audio feedback with different tones for different types of metals, aiding in target identification.
  9. Lightweight Design: It is designed to be lightweight and balanced for comfortable use during extended detecting sessions.
  10. Elliptical Waterproof Searchcoil: The detector is equipped with an elliptical waterproof searchcoil for efficient target detection.
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ModelFisher F22
Weight2.3 pounds
Batteries2 AA
Headphones No
Warranty5 years
Operating Principle VLF
Standard Searchcoil9″ DD
Operating Frequencies (kHz) 7.69
Water resistanceWeatherproof metal detector
Updatable SoftwareNo
Submersion Depth No
Ground Balance Preset
Search Modes Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom
Audio Threshold No
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments Yes
Electronic Pinpointing Yes
VDI (0 to 99 scale) Yes
Build-in flashlightNo


Fisher F22 metal detector was introduced in 2015. The device is good for both beginners and experienced treasure hunters, since F22 has no complicated settings or adjustments.

It is simple, functional, multi-purpose, high quality and at that affordable metal detector.


To assemble F22 for the first time you will need a screwdriver to screw down the control unit and the armrest to the upper shaft section (with screws that are included in the device set).

Then you have to install a sealing rubber on the bottom shaft section and bolt the coil to it.

Connect all three sections of the shaft together by means of spring buttons and plastic clips. It’s better to adjust the shaft length to your height at this point.

Wind the coil wire tightly around the shaft and switch it to the jack in the control unit.

Clamp the wire with ‘stickers’ that are included in the device package set.

And the last step is to put the batteries into the control unit. That’s it – Fisher F22 is ready for its first switching.


Fisher F22 has a standard S-shaped shaft that consists of three sections.

The coil is bolted to the shaft bottom section with a plastic bolt. There are seal rings in the fixturing point and they will protect the plastic components from wearing.

The bottom section of the shaft is made from solid carbon fiber, which doesn’t break even under high loads. The middle section is made from solid and light weighted aluminum alloy and it has a jam nut on one side.

There are nine length-adjustment holes along the shaft length and they will help to adjust the whole shaft length to the user’s height.

The curved upper section of the shaft has a clamping nut, permanently attached control unit, soft handle and comfortable armrest on it.

Control unit

Control unit of Fisher F22 metal detector is equipped with a large LCD. All notifications and graphical icons are clearly seen on this display, which will definitely save you time during treasure hunting.

In the display center there are two digits that represent VDI value of the detected metal target. Basing on this value you will often be able to see between a valuable target and some metal rubbish.

Nine-segment discriminator is located above the VDI value across the entire display width. By disabling this or that discriminator segment, you can adjust the device to search for some specific targets.

On the left side of the display there is a menu, which you can use to adjust the search mode and discrimination function settings.

There are two indicators near the menu: these are search depth and battery charge indicators. Another interesting thing is that the depth indicator has 3 levels, while the battery charge indicator has 7 of them.

Thus, knowing how much of the battery charge is left, the chances are rather low that you’ll stop searching process unexpectedly due to the battery discharge.

Fisher F22 has 4 pre-set search modes; the one which is currently active is displayed in the right corner of the LCD. This is one of the differences between F22 and F44, since the latter has 5 search modes.

There are 6 control buttons under the LCD. The far right button is used to switch the device on and off.

MODE button is to select the search mode. РР activates the mode of precise target localization. MENU allows selecting the menu options.

By ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons you can adjust the device parameters.

On the opposite end of the control unit there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is tightly covered with a rubber plug to prevent mist and dust ingress.

Power supply

In the right section of the control unit there is a tightly closed and sealed unit for the batteries. What is new? Well, now the device uses just two light, small sized and affordable AA batteries.

Low energy consumption has become possible due to the fact, that the metal detector was designed to use new more power efficient radio electronic elements.

They are installed into a special box, which then in placed into the control unit and closed with a cover. The box can be removed by pulling the small strap on it (but it looks very unreliable).

It is rather scary to pull it, since it is rather hard to pull the box out from the control unit and it looks like the strap is going to break.

Using two alkaline batteries the metal detector can work up to 30 hours long. If you use accumulator batteries, the device preforms up to 15 hours in a row.

Quite many of metal detectors manufactured by rather famous companies can’t demonstrate such a long operating time.

The coil

The device has a 5х9 mono coil (concentric one) of rather unusual drop shape with operation frequency 7,69 kHz. It’s rather convenient to search with it in hard-to-reach places. F44 has almost the same coil, but it is 11 inches large, while this device has just 9 inches one.

The metal detector coil doesn’t have a standard removable protection of the working surface.

However, despite this fact the coil is protected in a rather unusual way, which will surely increase the coil durability.

The coil wire is soft, so it won’t lose its elasticity even in cold weather.

Metal detector Fisher F22 is not limited to using just one 9 inch coil. You can also use standard coils from F11 and F44 metal detectors.

In addition, such companies as NEL and Detech have the whole series of coils for metal detectors from this product line.

Therefore, it is quite easy to select the coil you need for F22.

As for the coil mounting bracket, though it looks rather unreliable, actually, it is rather robust.

Search modes

Nine discrimination segments are used to identify the target metal. The discrimination scale itself is divided into 3 sections (in the device manual they are called bands) with their own segments: IRON, GOLD and SILVER. In the first section there is only one segment – FE, the other 2 sections have 4 segments each.

It is interesting, that when detecting some metal quite away from the target itself the segment may not be displayed and no tone signal is produced, correspondingly.

At that, the frame of the whole section is displayed. The segment itself and the tone signal will be active once the target is closer.

In addition, VDI values (from 1 to 99) will also help you to see between the different metals.

Fisher F22 metal detector uses one of four search modes: Jewelry, Coin, Artifact and Custom. Unlike the previous Fisher metal detector models, in F22 you can disable any of 9 discrimination segments from the search (by means of the NOTCH function).

All the program changes will be saved after you turn off the device.

In CUSTOM mode you can select one from 5 tones available (from 0 to 4).

This is quite easy to do: after selecting CUSTOM mode, push the button MODE and hold it for 2 seconds, after this the function of tone adjusting according to the segments turns on.

You can move from one segment to another by means of MENU button, at that you will hear a tone signal corresponding to the current segment right now.

Changing the tones is done using buttons ‘+’ and ‘-’.

The device sensitivity is adjusted in the range from 1 to 10. And what is completely new for Fisher metal detector for beginners (F22 is definitely one of them) is volume adjustment function.

The adjustment process itself is possible in the range from 0 to 20, i.e. the sound can be turned off completely.

What stays unchanged, is ergonomic aspects peculiar to Fisher metal detectors – the device is very convenient to use and it is almost weightless in your hand.

Of course, the device has a pinpoint function.


  • affordable and reasonably priced
  • lightweight
  • very easy to use
  • good customer service
  • big display
  • adjustable sensitivity and signal volume


  • not very sensitive


This is a rather good metal detector. What makes it different from F44 model, is the absence of manual ground balance function and LCD backlit. Another thing is, that the device has smaller coil – 9 inches instead of 11 inches. The metal detector is good for beach hunting, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t submerge it.