Manticore is a new metal detector by Minelab!

At the end of August, Minelab presented a new device. It has got the name ‘Manticore’ after the mythological monster with a lion body, man head, and scorpio tail. When watching the presentation, I’ve concluded that this is a continuation of Minelab CTX 3030 series. This means that this is a premium segment of Minelab metal detectors.

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Quest XPointer Max

American manufacturer Quest Metal Detectors has produced a new pinpointer with a metals discrimination function. Quest XPointer Max is completely waterproof, and it has an illuminated display, internal battery; and can also see between ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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Quest Scuba Tector review

Quest Scuba Tector review: this is a 95 kHz frequency pulse pinpointer. Unlike complex underwater metal detectors, this device is easy to use, and its price is rather attractive. Further in the article, you’ll find out how long Quest Scuba Tector is, how deep you can submerge it, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Quest  Scuba Tector on the table

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