Metal detectors: Quest X5, X10, Q20, Q30, Q40, Review

Here you will find Quest metal detectors review. The article has information about their origin, the manufacturer, which device models are currently on sale, whether they are worth the money spent, etc.

History of the company

Deteknix Inc brand has existed in the USA since 2007, however, metal detectors produced by this trademark were manufactured in China.

Everything started from detectors used for inspection by security services, then since 2009 Deteknix started manufacturing and selling metal detectors.

In 2018 First Texas Company bring legal action Deteknix and won the case. The court held that Deteknix metal detector model used hacked software of Teknetics T2 metal detector.

However, they succeed to make a deal and two companies settled out of court confidentially. After this Deteknix had rebranding and started using its new name Quest Metal Detectors.

At that, the company moved further, and they worked hard to create their own software and technologies. Thus, nowadays nobody can accuse them of using somebody else’s stuff.

In defense of the company we must say that they do try to design quality metal detectors. They are not cheap Chinese fakes that have flooded the market. The devices are fully-featured metal detectors, each of which differs from the other devices in the product line.

Besides, the company is growing and tries to produce new metal detector models. Certainly, when it comes to your own best practices and technologies, they don’t come all at once, but the company keeps developing.

The main advantage of QUEST metal detectors over metal detectors made by famous companies such as Minelab, XP, Garrett is the price of its products. QUEST devices offer a quite good functionality, which can be compared to the one of the beginner level metal detectors made by the above-mentioned manufacturers, while the price is sufficiently lower, and the price difference is sometimes up to 50 %.

The list of basic models with a brief description

The metal detectors are designed using a single scheme – straight three-segment shaft, a handle (looks like upside-down ‘T’) with a control unit on it, it resembles a handle of police baton.

This handle can be shifted along the shaft to enable balancing and adjusting the metal detector to the individual user parameters.

Displays of all Quest metal detectors, including Q20 are 60×70 mm large. The main feature of all Quest metal detectors is an embedded lithium battery accumulator, thus there is no battery holder on the device shaft.

Frequency5,13, 20 kHz13kHz13kHz
Waterproof20 Feet (5 Meters)Rain-proofRain-Proof
Wireless AudioWireFree includedWireFree includedNot included
Standard coilRaptorS + BladeSRaptorBlade
BatteryLi-Po rechargeableLi-Po rechargeableLi-Po rechargeable

Quest X5

Quest x5 is a new device produced in 2019. This is a multi-purpose metal detector to search for a wide range of targets, which is not very expensive.

Quest X5 uses classical VLF technology, its operating frequency equals to 8 kHz. The standard search coil the device uses is elliptic 9,5 DD (Double-D) coil.

Discrimination function of Quest X5 allows ignoring unwanted ferrous targets. The metal detector has 3 pre-set search programs – All metal, Coin and Jewelry.

Quest X5 has a simple and user-friendly interface, so it will take you several minutes to master the device.

You’ll be able to know what kind of target is under the search coil, before you dig it. Multi-tone sound target response provides low tone for ferrous targets, medium and high for non-ferrous ones.

Graphic scale has segments for all kinds of metals. However, VDI number is what helps the most when defining the target (large digits in the center of the display) – this is a numerical designation of the target metal type.

For precise identification of target center, the metal detector has a pinpointer mode.

The device uses an embedded battery accumulator as a power supply. Therefore, it can be charged using any USB jack or powerbank. The battery provides continuous operation time about 19-20 hours.

So, what makes X5 different from other low-end metal detectors produce by other companies?

The metal detector offers ground balance function, VDI, high signal processing rate, large contrast display with a backlit, an embedded flashlight, battery accumulator that can be charged using any USB jack, DD coil is included into the device package set, the device is protected from rain and at that the metal detector is rather light-weighted.

You will not find such a combination of functions in other metal detectors, only Quest X5 has it and….. Quest X10.

Quest X5 Metal Detector with Blade TurboD Double D Waterproof Coil 970gram Super Lightweight...
  • [ Waterproof TurboD Blade Coil ] Double D coil provide a streamlined search...
  • [ Weatherproof Control Box ] X5 control box is packed by soft TPE material and...
  • [ Super Light-weight ] Only 2.09LB(947g) complete unit weight. With the...
  • [ Convenient USB Rechargeable ] Zero cost spend on batteries. The USB port is...
  • [ Build for Adult and Juniors ] Remove the swappable middle stem and transfer it...

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  • comfortable and very lightweight
  • LED flashlight
  • easy to use
  • good depth


  • user manual absolutely complicated
  • pretty slow

Quest X10

It is easy to guess that this metal detector is similar to the previous one, but it differs a bit. So, what is different between Quest X10 and Quest X5?

The device has an adjustable threshold tone, which is a professional function used to increase the discrimination function precision. Also, tones of target sound response can be adjusted in this device model.

Another feature is Pitch mode, when the sound response becomes dynamic depending on the signal – if the target is on the surface, the signal is loud, if the target is deep, the signal is quieter.

Quest X10 Metal Detector with high Performance 9x5 Blade TurboD Double D Waterproof Coil only...
  • [ Waterproof TurboD Blade Coil ] Double D coil provide a streamlined search...
  • [ Weatherproof Control Box ] X10 control box is packed by soft TPE material and...
  • [ Super Light-weight ] Only 2.09LB(947g) complete unit weight. With the...
  • [ Convenient USB Rechargeable ] Zero cost spend on batteries. The USB port is...
  • [ Build for Adult and Juniors ] Remove the swappable middle stem and transfer it...

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  • lightweight
  • battery life
  • good discrimination 
  • accurate pinpoint
  • charge via power bank


  • cheaply made
  • hard to reach customer service

Quest Q20

Quest Q20 is a good metal detector for beginners. It has three search modes, adjustable ground balance, large display and long life of the battery accumulator. Also, the device is quite light weighted.

The metal detector uses VLF technology and has an operating frequency equal to 13kHz, which enables multi-purpose treasure hunting for targets of different size – from small coins to large stashes and relics.

Discrimination data can be seen on the graphical scale that has 10 segments, which allows quite precise identification of the target composition. Besides, for even more precise there is a VDI number on the display (it varies from 0 to 99).

Quest Q20 has three pre-set modes that allow automatically adjust the device for some specific search conditions.

The metal detector has automatic and manual ground balance function, which enables precise definition of the soil type and decreasing its influence on the signal quality. To provide convenient usage of the device, it is equipped with a flashlight, rubberized handler, that can be adjusted as well as there is a possibility to charge the device using USB jack.

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  • lightweight
  • three search modes
  • adjustable ground balance
  • large display
  • long life of the battery


  • chatty

Quest Q40

Currently, this is not a world-famous brand; moreover, these devices are produced in China. However, the company makes quality metal detectors, and it constantly develops and improves its products.

Due to the mentioned above, the company can set lower prices for its models while they offer the same characteristics. Besides, the metal detectors have simple settings and quite a lot of pre-set search modes.

Quest Q40 is for ground search, but also it is an all-weather device protected from dust and moisture ingress. The device protection level is IP66.

This detector supports using wireless headphones that are included in the device package set.

The device construction includes a 3-segment shaft, a convenient armrest, a small control unit with a bright display, and a stylish appearance. Also, it has an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB cable.

Branded TurboD search coil has an original shape, and its size is 9×11 inches ( 22,5 x 28 cm). The device uses 13 kHz operating frequency, which makes the detector especially sensitive to small objects such as coins and small-sized jewelry.

The discriminator has a 20-segment scale located vertically on display. Additionally, you can track the discrimination function using the VDI number that varies from 0 to 99.

Quest Q40 has five pre-set search modes, which you can select depending on current search conditions and tasks.

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Quest Pro

The top device in Quest product line is a smart metal detector Quest Pro. It is equipped with such modern functions as a smartphone compatibility, operating with the application. Also, the device has a flashlight and it is completely waterproof, which allows submerging up to 6 meters deep.

The metal detector has a Gold mode for gold nuggets prospecting as well as ‘deep’ mode to ensure maximal target detection depth.

The user can charge the device operating frequency – 5, 13 and 20 kHz frequencies are available. There are two search coils in the device package set.

All the above-mentioned means that Quest Pro can detect targets almost everywhere.

WORKING METHOD5kHz, 13kHz, 20kHz Frequencies Selectable
SMARTPHONES COMPATIBILITYBuilt-in Bluetooth Module For Smart Device Connection to Track and Map Your Quests
APPQuestGo is Free for Downloading. Available on GooglePlay & App Store
STRUCTUREFast Release Cam-lock 2 Sections Straight Rods Extendable From 80CM to 130CM
BATTERYBuilt-in 2000mAh Li-Po Battery, USB rechargeable
DETECTION COIL9“×11” RaptorS + 5”9” BladeS TurboD Waterproof Coil
GAUGEDepth Reader,Metal ID Indication, Battery Status.etc
AUDIO OUTPUTBuilt-in Buzzer, Waterproof Wire Headphones
LED DISPLAYLED Back Lights For Low Light Condition
SEARCH MODESMotion/Non-Motion All Metal, Discrimination
PROGRAMS5 Preset+2 Customizable W/ LED Indication
WEIGHTLower to 2LB 8OZ/1.15KG (w/ Blade Coil)
BATTERY LIFE30 Hrs on Speaker, 24Hrs by Wireless Headphones
OPERATION TEMP RANGE32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C)
NON-OPERATION TEMP-4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)
HANDLEDotted Pattern Surface Increase Gripping Stability Anywhere Adjustable Position
ARMREST CUPRobust PP material, ergonomic design
GROUND BALANCEAutomatic (pump) or manually (selecting)
METAL ID99 Metal I.D. Level for Target Identification

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Quest Q30

(UPD. 2022)

Quest Q30 is a novelty on the market. This is a multi-purpose ground search metal detector, as well as underwater one (up to 5 meters deep). For underwater search, the device has a vibration mode, when its handle vibrates if the device detects a target. It is possible to assemble the device without the middle shaft section for underwater treasure hunting.

The device has a RaptorX TurboD 9×11 inches coil with an operating frequency equal to 14 kHz. Such a coil is optimal almost for all kinds of search conditions. The metal detector has the following search modes: Park, Field, Beach, Gold, and static mode (pinpoint).

The device has an embedded wireless unit to connect with headphones. The metal detector uses an accumulator battery with capacity up to 3000 mAh, which has a magnetic USB charger. The battery life is more than 22 hours.

The device has both automatic and manual ground balance function.

Quest Q30 Metal Detector with RaptorX TurboD 9" x 11" Coil
  • Water Resistance up to 5m
  • Frequency: 14KHz VLF
  • Increased search efficiency in salt water
  • Vibration mode to search underwater
  • Modes: Park, Field, Beach, Gold

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Quest Q60

At the end of 2019 the manufacturer announced some new metal detector models, but at the moment when we were writing this article they haven’t appeared on sale (UPD 03.02.21).

All we know for now is that Quest Q60 will be equipped with a wired underwater headset, wireless headset for digging on a dry land and the device will be submergible.

Quest Metal Detector Q60 with Search Coil 139" Waterproof to 5 Meters
  • VLF 5kHz, 14kHz, 21kHz Frequencies Selectable
  • Coil: 13”X9” BEASTX Waterproof Super Sport Coil
  • Waterproof: 5M/16FT Underwater Submergible
  • Programs: Park / Field / Beach / Gold / Cache 5 Detecting Programs
  • Telescopic Rod: Fast Release Cam-lock 2 Sections Straight Rods Extendable

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