Beyond the Beeps: The Elite Metal Detector Brands

For a long time, the metal detector market has been quite conservative. In fact, it was divided between several large companies, which were the leading ones in this or that segment or region. As a rule, these were USA and Australian companies, but the power balance has changed with time. Below we’ll discuss metal detector brands, including those, appeared quite recently.

What is going on in the metal detector market?

Things are plain and simple as well as quite advantageous for the users – the rivalry on the market has increased. If earlier the manufacturers kept the power balance and their metal detector models had quite similar characteristics, now new companies have come to the market.

These companies started producing new metal detectors that cost as devices for beginners, but the functionality they offer will do medium and even professional devices. This fact has significantly affected the market, and metal detector companies were forced to adapt to the situation.

Below there is a list (which is not full) of companies manufacturing metal detectors. The list is not complete because there are many of them all over the world. Possibly, any developed county has its own metal detector brand.

But it works for the local market. Therefore we’ll consider the companies that are represented in the world market.

Best metal detector brands

Minelab (Australia)

This company is one of the largest manufacturers, if not the largest of them all.

This is an Australian company that produces metal detectors. Minelab was founded in 1985, and from the very beginning, it announced metal detecting technologies as its priority task. Nowadays, the company produces metal detectors you can use for your hobby as well as devices for geological-prospecting and military purposes.

Since then, Minelab has become a world leader in this area. Metal detectors produced by the company are sold all over the world. Since 2009 Minelab has transferred its production facilities and locations to Malaysia, where all original Minelab metal detectors are assembled.

Minelab metal detectors established themselves as a leading choice in medium and professional level metal detectors segment. Their distinctive feature is a wide set of functions, multi frequency operation, and the possibility of fine-tuning for any search conditions.

Also, the manufacturer is famous for its gold-prospecting metal detectors. More than half of the total number of the company’s metal detectors is sold abroad.

Key Points about Minelab:

  1. Innovation and Technology:
  • Minelab is recognized for its commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology in metal detection. The company consistently introduces advanced features to enhance the performance and capabilities of its detectors.
  1. Product Range:
  • The company offers a diverse range of metal detectors catering to different user needs. This includes detectors for general-purpose treasure hunting, specialized gold prospecting detectors, underwater detectors, and devices designed for industrial and security applications.
  1. Gold Prospecting Expertise:
  • Minelab has earned a strong reputation for its gold prospecting detectors. These detectors are equipped with features specifically tailored to the challenges of finding gold nuggets in various terrains.
  1. Multi-IQ Technology:
  • One of Minelab’s notable technological advancements is Multi-IQ (Multiple Frequency In-phase and Quadrature), a simultaneous multi-frequency technology that allows detectors to operate across multiple frequencies at the same time. This technology is designed to improve target identification and discrimination.
  1. Global Presence:
  • Minelab has a global presence and distributes its products to over 150 countries. The company has established a strong network of dealers and service centers to support its customers worldwide.
  1. Countermine Solutions:
  • In addition to recreational and industrial detectors, Minelab is involved in the development of countermine solutions, providing metal detection technology for humanitarian demining and military applications.

Garrett Metal Detectors (USA)

This is an American company, one of the largest manufacturers of MD in the world. Garrett Metal Detectors was founded in 1964 by Charles and Eleanor Garrett in Garland, Texas, USA. Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of metal detection technology, consistently delivering high-quality and reliable products.

The company offers both devices for amateurs diggers as well as some professional ground search metal detectors of different degrees of complexity. Garrett also produces inspection metal detectors that are used by many security services.

Garrett Metal Detectors history dates back more than 50 years, and during this time, the manufacturer has designed lots of flagship models. For example, AT metal detectors series, which were the first amphibian metal detectors: these perfectly perform on the ground and also can be used for underwater metal detecting (submergible up to 3 meters deep).

Key Points:

  1. Security Solutions:
  • Garrett is a key player in the security sector, supplying metal detectors for airports, public events, and government facilities. Their advanced security solutions contribute to public safety globally.
  1. Treasure Hunting Expertise:
  • The company has a strong presence in the hobbyist and enthusiast markets, offering a wide range of metal detectors designed for treasure hunting, relic hunting, and coin shooting.
  1. Industrial Applications:
  • Garrett’s metal detectors find applications beyond security and recreation. They are utilized in industrial settings for quality control, ensuring the integrity of products by detecting unwanted metallic contaminants.
  1. Patented Technology:
  • Garrett has consistently introduced patented technology to the metal detection industry. Their advancements include features like Microprocessor-controlled circuitry, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and Multi-Frequency technology.
  1. Global Reach:
  • With a global distribution network, Garrett products are available and trusted in numerous countries. The company has a strong international presence, serving customers across continents.
  1. Innovation Hub:
  • Garrett Metal Detectors has a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation. Their commitment to research and development ensures that their products incorporate the latest technological advancements.
  1. Training and Education:
  • The company actively engages in educating users about metal detection through workshops, training programs, and informative resources. This commitment contributes to the broader understanding of metal detection technology.
  1. Versatile Product Range:
  • Garrett offers a diverse range of metal detectors suitable for various environments, user skill levels, and applications. From entry-level models to professional-grade equipment, their product lineup caters to a broad audience.
  1. Customer Satisfaction:
    • Garrett’s emphasis on customer satisfaction is evident through its responsive customer support, extensive warranty policies, and a community of users who share experiences and expertise.

XP Metal Detectors (France)

The company was founded in Toulouse (France) in 1998. For over 20 years, XP Metal Detectors has been designing innovative metal detectors that caught the fancy of many treasure hunters. Toulouse is the leading center in the electronics and advanced technologies area (space exploration, aviation, telecommunications).

It is no surprise that it was XP Detectors who designed, developed, and manufactured their metal detectors.

XP devices combine power, productivity, operation speed, and ergonomics. The company has produced a quite successful model – XP Deus that made it possible for the company to take a quantum leap by creating a new generation of metal detectors. They combine convenient design, optimal productivity, and wireless technologies.

XP product quality is guaranteed by total control introduced at each production stage and focusing special attention on all levels of the business process.

Key Points:

  1. Innovative Technology:
  • XP Metal Detectors is known for incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products, ensuring optimal performance and accuracy in metal detection.
  1. Versatile Product Line:
  • The company offers a diverse range of metal detectors suitable for various purposes, including coin and relic hunting, gold prospecting, and underwater exploration.
  1. Wireless Connectivity:
  • Many XP metal detectors feature wireless connectivity, allowing users to operate their devices without cumbersome cables. This enhances mobility and user experience during treasure hunts.
  1. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design:
  • XP Metal Detectors places emphasis on creating lightweight and ergonomic designs, providing users with comfort during prolonged use and ease of transportation.
  1. Professional-Grade Equipment:
  • XP’s metal detectors are often favored by professional treasure hunters for their precision and advanced features. The brand caters to serious enthusiasts seeking top-tier performance.
  1. XP Deus Series:
  • The XP Deus series is one of the flagship product lines, known for its wireless capabilities, customizable settings, and versatility in various environments.
  1. Research and Development:
  • The company invests in ongoing research and development to stay at the forefront of metal detection technology, ensuring that its products evolve with the latest advancements.
  1. Global Presence:
  • XP Metal Detectors has established a global presence, with its products being used by treasure hunters and archaeological professionals worldwide.
  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  • The user interface of XP metal detectors is designed to be intuitive, allowing both beginners and experienced users to operate the devices efficiently.
  1. Community Engagement:
    • XP Metal Detectors actively engages with its user community, fostering a sense of collaboration and providing valuable insights for product improvements.

In summary, XP Metal Detectors combines technological innovation, user-friendly design, and a commitment to quality, making it a prominent player in the metal detector market. Their products cater to a wide audience, from hobbyists exploring local parks to professionals involved in archaeological excavations.

Fisher Research Labs (USA)

An American company First Texas Products is one of the leading manufacturers of metal detectors. Fisher produces a wide range of ground search detectors, body scanners, and underwater metal detectors. This company is the one that owns several patents on metals detection technologies that are being used by the majority of other companies.

At the same time, First Texas Products owns such trademarks as Teknetics, Bounty Hunter, and Fisher Labs. If you buy devices of the trademarks mentioned above, you’ll notice that they have a similar design.

Bounty Hunter (USA)

The company was founded in 1973 in the USA, in the state of Texas. In 1980 Bounty Hunter patented one of the leading technologies at that time – Target ID. By constantly introducing design and technical innovations into its products, Bounty Hunter succeeded in making metal detectors available for most of the buyers.

This is why now Bounty Hunter can offer professional equipment for an affordable price. Metal detectors produced by the company have always been described as ergonomic, lightweight, high performance, and reliable devices.

Bounty Hunter is a part of the largest holding – First Texas Corporation, which also includes such manufacturers as Teknetics and Fisher Labs.

Key Points:

  1. Founding and Heritage:
  • Founded in 1931 by Dr. Gerhard Fisher, a German physicist and inventor.
  • Dr. Fisher is credited with inventing the first patented metal detector, known as the “Metalloscope,” which was used for exploration and detection during World War II.
  1. Innovation and Patents:
  • Fisher Research Labs has a history of innovation, holding numerous patents in metal detector technology.
  • The company has continually pushed the boundaries of metal detection, introducing advancements in sensitivity, discrimination, and target identification.
  1. Product Range:
  • Fisher offers a diverse range of metal detectors suitable for various applications, including coin shooting, relic hunting, gold prospecting, and underwater detection.
  • The product line caters to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, providing options for different skill levels and preferences.
  1. Technological Advancements:
  • Fisher is known for incorporating cutting-edge technology into its metal detectors, enhancing performance and accuracy.
  • Features such as digital signal processing, multi-frequency capabilities, and ergonomic designs contribute to the overall effectiveness of Fisher detectors.
  1. Popular Models:
  • The Fisher F-Series, including models like F44 and F75, are popular among hobbyists for their versatility and advanced features.
  • Fisher Gold Bug series is well-regarded among gold prospectors for its sensitivity to small gold nuggets.
  1. User-Friendly Design:
  • Fisher metal detectors are often praised for their user-friendly designs, making them accessible to both beginners and experienced users.
  • Intuitive controls, lightweight construction, and ergonomic features contribute to a positive user experience.
  1. Industry Recognition:
  • Fisher Research Labs has received industry recognition for its contributions to metal detection technology.
  • The brand is trusted by metal detecting communities worldwide, further solidifying its position in the market.
  1. Community Engagement:
  • Fisher actively engages with the metal detecting community through online forums, events, and educational initiatives.
  • The company values user feedback, often incorporating suggestions and insights into product development.

In summary, Fisher Research Labs stands as a pioneer in the field of metal detection, blending a storied history with a commitment to innovation. The company’s metal detectors continue to be sought after for their reliability, performance, and versatility, appealing to a broad spectrum of users with diverse interests and expertise levels.

Teknetics (USA)

Teknetics is a well-established brand in the metal detecting industry, recognized for producing reliable and user-friendly metal detectors. The company is a subsidiary of First Texas Products, a conglomerate that includes other renowned metal detecting brands like Fisher and Bounty Hunter.

Since the beginning of the 70s, Teknetics has been manufacturing metal detectors in the USA. It spent 20 years on the market. The company produced its last metal detector models in 1989.

Then things went wrong for the company, and it was sold. Bounty Hunter (First Texas Products) bought it, and this way, it restored Teknetics to life!

In 2006 their first model Teknetics Т2 appeared; it was developed by the engineers of the renewed Teknetics company. In 2008 three new models appeared, such as Teknetics Titanium Delta 4000, Teknetics Gamma 6000, and Teknetics Omega 8500.

Key Points:

  1. Heritage and Experience:
  • Teknetics has a rich heritage, drawing on the extensive experience of First Texas Products, a company with a long history in the metal detection market.
  1. Product Range:
  • The company offers a diverse range of metal detectors catering to hobbyists and enthusiasts. These detectors are designed for various purposes, including coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting.
  1. Innovation and Technology:
  • Teknetics is known for incorporating innovative technologies into its metal detectors, enhancing performance and user experience. Advanced features such as multiple search modes, discrimination capabilities, and ergonomic designs characterize their products.
  1. User-Friendly Design:
  • One of Teknetics’ key strengths is its commitment to user-friendly design. The company strives to create detectors that are accessible to both beginners and experienced users, ensuring a positive and enjoyable detecting experience.
  1. Affordability:
  • Teknetics is often recognized for offering metal detectors with a balance of performance and affordability. This makes their products attractive to a broad range of detectorists.
  1. Customer Support:
  • The company emphasizes customer satisfaction and provides comprehensive customer support. This commitment helps users make the most out of their metal detecting adventures.
  1. Reliability:
  • Teknetics metal detectors are known for their reliability and durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of various detecting environments.

In conclusion, Teknetics, as part of the First Texas Products family, has established itself as a reputable brand in the metal detecting industry. With a focus on innovation, user-friendliness, and affordability, Teknetics metal detectors appeal to a wide audience of treasure hunters and hobbyists.

Nokta Makro Detectors (Turkey)

The company Turkish Makro metal detectors was founded in 1986, and since the very first day, it aimed to design competitive metal detectors for various tasks. We must admit that the company has coped with the task, and today it is a strong rival to other companies on the market. This is a dynamically developing company supplying its products all over the world.

In 2018 the companies joined into a single brand Nokta Makro Detectors. Currently, Nokta Makro metal detectors are sold in 150 countries around the world. When developing its devices, the company bases on detectorists’ needs and aims at creating really innovative products with excellent characteristics.

Key Points:

  1. History and Merger:
  • Nokta Makro Detectors is the result of the merger between Nokta Detectors and Makro Detectors, two companies with a strong history of producing reliable metal detectors.
  1. Diverse Product Range:
  • The company offers a diverse range of metal detectors catering to various applications, including coin and relic hunting, gold prospecting, underwater detection, and industrial use.
  1. Innovation and Technology:
  • Nokta Makro is known for its commitment to technological innovation, incorporating advanced features such as multiple frequency options, waterproof designs, and cutting-edge target identification systems.
  1. Gold Prospecting Specialization:
  • Nokta Makro has carved a niche in the gold prospecting market, producing detectors specifically designed to excel in challenging terrains where gold deposits are often found.
  1. Global Presence:
  • With a strong global presence, Nokta Makro detectors are used by hobbyists, treasure hunters, and professionals in various countries, showcasing the brand’s international recognition.
  1. Waterproof and Submersible Designs:
  • Many of Nokta Makro’s metal detectors are known for their waterproof and submersible designs, making them suitable for underwater treasure hunting and challenging environmental conditions.
  1. User-Friendly Interfaces:
  • The company emphasizes user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that both beginners and experienced users can easily navigate and operate their metal detectors.
  1. Professional and Hobbyist Appeal:
  • Nokta Makro caters to both professional and hobbyist markets, offering a range of detectors suitable for different skill levels and purposes.
  1. Customer Support and Community Engagement:
  • The company maintains a strong focus on customer support, providing resources, tutorials, and actively engaging with the metal detecting community.

Quest (China/USA)

Quest Metal Detectors were a brand new company registered in the USA (in the state of California) in 2015. According to the manufacturer’s information, Quest Metal Detectors main production facilities are located in California, but they also have a production branch in China. Though I personally think that things are completely the opposite.

However, I don’t consider this as something negative; it’s rather the opposite. The company benefits from the production process cheapening, but at that, they meet all the quality standards and production technologies. The company also has representative offices in the Netherlands.

We should mention that the company entered the market with a scandal (it was trying to make copies of other manufacturers’ metal detector models). Then, the company had a legal claim and paid compensation as well as completely reviewed its strategy.

Nowadays, it produces quality, reliable, inexpensive metal detectors using the technologies developed by the company’s engineers.

Key Points:

  1. Product Range:
  • The company offers a diverse lineup of metal detectors suitable for different purposes, including coin shooting, relic hunting, beach detecting, and gold prospecting. This versatility caters to a broad audience of metal detecting enthusiasts.
  1. User-Friendly Design:
  • Quest places a strong emphasis on user experience by designing detectors with intuitive controls and ergonomic features. This focus on usability makes their products accessible to both beginners and seasoned detectorists.
  1. Durability and Build Quality:
  • Quest metal detectors are known for their sturdy construction and durability, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of various environments. This robust build quality contributes to the longevity of their detectors.
  1. QuestGo App Integration:
  • The QuestGo app, developed by Quest, complements their metal detectors by providing users with additional features and functionalities. It enhances the overall detecting experience by offering real-time information and customization options.
  1. Global Presence:
  • Despite being a newer entrant in the industry, Quest has rapidly expanded its market presence globally. Their products are available in many countries, and the company continues to build partnerships with distributors worldwide.
  1. Affordability:
  • Quest positions itself as a brand that delivers high-quality metal detectors at competitive prices. This affordability factor makes their products appealing to a wide range of individuals interested in metal detecting as a hobby.

In summary, Quest Metal Detectors has quickly become a noteworthy player in the industry, standing out for its commitment to innovation, user-friendly designs, and a diverse product range catering to various metal detecting preferences.

Whites Electronics (closed)

Whites is a company located in the USA (Sweet Home, Oregon), and it has been producing metal detectors for several decades already. These are both entry-level devices and commercial ones that are used to inspect visitors in some institutions, for example. Lots of accessories for metal detection are produced by the company as well.

UPD. White’s, who had been in business since 1950 as a premier manufacturer of metal detection products, announced the suspension of operations on June 2020.

Tesoro Metal Detectors (closed)

Tesoro Electronics was founded in 1980 by Jack Gifford, who had already worked for Bounty Hunter and Fisher before this. Nowadays, Tesoro still belongs to Gifford’s family and continues producing simple, high performance, and reliable metal detectors.

The main thing that makes Tesoro differ from other companies is that its metal detectors have a rather long warranty period – 25 years. This is quite a generous company policy, which increases the users’ confidence when getting its products.

Tesoro is considered to be one of the oldest companies in the world of metal detecting, and it has loads of fans who are loyal to the brand. However, recently the company hasn’t been renewing its product line, and it is far behind the rivals. Thus, it may disappear from the market soon.

UPD. Tesoro has gone out of business, they have stopped production sold the building and removed the website.