Metal detector Whites Coinmaster Pro

Here’s a review of Whites Coinmaster metal detector. The article contains information about how many operating frequencies the device has, what kind of coil it is equipped with, if the headphones are included into the device package set, how long it can work using one battery set, etc.

What was the device designed for?

Whites Coinmaster is a ground search metal detector of a beginner level. Coinmaster is quite a simple device – this simplicity and reliability make this model an affordable and efficient metal detector.

If you’ve decided to start treasure hunting, you’ll need to buy your first metal detector. This is when you can take a closer look at Whites Coinmaster, since it is quite possible, that this is a device you are looking for.


At the beginning of 2010 Whites company introduced a new product line of microprocessor-controlled devices called CoinMaster (and Whites TreasureMaster). The device uses VLF technology with operating frequency 6.6 kHz, it has adjustable discrimination modes, automatic ground balance function, embedded «pinpoint» mode.

ModelWhites Coinmaster
Weight2.5 lbs
Length (Adjustable)46″ x 51″
Batteries9 volt (2)
Headphones No
Warranty2 years
Operating Principle VLF
Standard Searchcoil9″ Mono
Operating Frequencies (kHz) 8
Water resistanceWaterproof coil
Submersion Depth No
Ground BalancePreset
Search Modes 3
Audio Threshold No
Sensitivity/Depth Adjustments Yes
Electronic Pinpointing Yes
VDI (0 to 99 scale) Yes
Build-in flashlightNo

Whites CoinMaster vs Whites CoinMaster Pro

The new product line consists of two metal detectors Whites CoinMaster and Whites CoinMaster Pro. So, what’s the difference between them?

Whites CoinMaster Pro except its standard function of sequential discrimination «DISC» has a «SMART NOTCH» button, which allows switching on the discrimination at random and at any sequence.

Standard Coinmaster enables sequential adjustment of discrimination by, at first, switching off the 1st segment, then the 2nd one and so on.

As for the several tones of the device sound signals, which Pro devices has, but Coinmaster doesn’t. By default, this setting is off and it can be turned on by pushing «TONE ID» button on the device display.

The manufacturer promises to introduce some changes in the electronic components of the metal detectors, which sounds very promising and reasonable. As for the other differences between the devices, they aren’t that significant if compared to the processor and firmware upgrade.

However, there is also difference between how the device operate. For example, it seems that having the same performance stability and precision, Pro demonstrates better ground balance and detects targets that are located deeper.

The shaft

In terms of design Whites Coinmaster is a rather simple device. The shaft consists of two sections and s-shaped handle with an armrest. As usual, LCD and control unit are attached to this section.

The shaft sections have standard fixation system, telescopic length adjustment and spring-loaded locking device for the adjustment holes. Slight looseness always appears in such a construction, but yet it is more reliable and can serve without any trouble for a long time.

As for the armrest, we should mention that it has no lining to make it softer from inside, but it has a strap for additional fixation, and it can be adjusted to the user’s parameters.

Before assembling the metal detector, make sure that you thoroughly study the device components.

There aren’t many of them:

  • A searchcoil;
  • Plastic bottom shaft;
  • sealing rubber and a screw to fixate the coil;
  • the upper shaft with a control unit and an armrest attached to it;
  • two batteries.

The coil

The metal detector is equipped with 9 inches mono coil that uses 8 kHz operation frequency. It can be used for ground search and for treasure hunting on shallow waters.

The headphones

On the back of the control unit there is a jack to connect the searchcoil and on the right side there is a 1/4″ headphones jack.

Since this metal detector model doesn’t have volume adjustment, you’ll have to use headphones which provide such a function. This will allow you to set a convenient volume of the sound. You’ll have to buy the headphones first, though.

The battery

The metal detector uses two 9V batteries as a power supply. You can also use the identical battery accumulators, which significantly reduces the amount of money you spend on the device.

The battery holder is handy to open and reliably fixates the batteries.


Only the searchcoil is a waterproof one and you can submerge it. However, the device has a rather thoughtful design – from a leak-free plug for headphones jack and to the proper location of the speaker on the bottom side of the control unit.

All these precautions will help you to avoid unnecessary troubles if you are caught by the rain somewhere in the field.

The control unit

The control unit of this metal detector has all the control buttons and all the electronic components in it.

Also, it has an LCD display, battery holder and besides the jack to connect the searchcoil it has a headphones jack as well.

There is a battery holder cap at the top of Whites Coinmaster control unit, and the speaker is located on its bottom side.

The metal detector interface is easy-to-use and readable. It consists of a large LCD display and touch sensitive buttons.

So, there are just four buttons you can use to control White’s Coinmaster.

  1. «on off» – a button to turn the device on and off.
  2. «disc» – discrimination level (single step one).
  3. «sens» – sensitivity adjustment.
  4. «p/p pinpoint» the mode for precise target location identification.

While White’s Coinmaster Pro has two more buttons:

  1. «smart noch» the mode of custom discrimination patterns.
  2. «tone id» activates 3 tone sound mode.

On top of the device interface you’ll see target prototypes, which are highlighted by the cursor (an up arrow) when the target is detected.

Coinmaster divides all metal objects into 8 categories.

When discrimination mode is on, you’ll see a pictogram with a crossed speaker on it, which means that this segment is excluded from the detection range. In total, you can exclude the first five discrimination segments from the detection range. For example, if under the nail image you see a highlighted pictogram with a crossed speaker on it, this means the metal detector will not provide signals for iron targets.

In the bottom left of the display there is a 5-segment detection depth scale. The more active segments you see, the father the metal object is from the searchcoil.

If an empty battery pictogram is active and there is a sign LOW BATT, it means that it’s time to replace the batteries with new ones.

On the right, there is 8-segment indicator of the device sensitivity level.

Between the scale «depth» and «sens» when «pinpoint» mode is on you’ll see the corresponding indicator active.


Whites Coinmaster is quite simple in terms of adjustment. So, after you turn on the device, adjust the device sensitivity level by means of «sens» button. Set it 2-3 divisions below the maximum and in time, when you get used to how the device works, you can increase the sensitivity level.

To exclude unwanted metal objects from the detection range use «disc» button. Push the button and sequentially select targets that you’d like to exclude from the detection range.

At first, deactivate the first two segments and leave all the rest active to get used to how the device indicates some specific targets.

Once you find a target with a clear sound response and stable cursor position, use «pinpoint» mode to define precise target location. You need this to make sure that you won’t damage the target when digging it. Receiving constant sound response in Pinpoint mode means that the target is located exactly in the middle of the searchcoil internal ring.

Ground balance

The device doesn’t have ground balance function as well as a noise suppression function, which is peculiar to all metal detectors of beginner level.

So, if there is some electric noise, you should decrease the device sensitivity. Although, many sites post the information that the device has an automatic ground balance function, this isn’t so. In fact, it has a pre-set multi-purpose ground balance value which doesn’t change.


Discrimination scale has 8 segments for metals, i.e. it will divide all metal targets into 8 groups. So, different groups of metals will appear in one segment (this is the case for most of metal detectors of beginner level).

Another thing peculiar to metal detectors for beginners – is that a large sized iron and corroded target the device will detect as a non-ferrous metal. And it really happens so.

But what Coinmaster metal detectors do really successfully, is that they clearly detect metals and they quite seldom confuse a large metal or corroded target with a non-ferrous target. Yes, such a confusion may happen, but much more seldom than when using other devices of this kind.

The most significant advantage of Coinmaster metal detector as well as all Whites metal detector models is the lowest level of false responses in comparison with other manufacturers. In other words, if the device produces a signal, it means that there is something under its coil (95%).

The device receives phantom signals, but essentially less often than metal detectors produced by other companies.


Another essential merit of the metal detector is that it has a Pinpoint function. It helps to detect target location more precisely. In my opinion this function is useful for any detectorist.

The only design drawback is that you should push and hold the button continuously to make the function work.

Presence of Pinpoint function makes Coinmaster metal detector a device of higher level if compared to the ones without pinpoint function (ACE 200, GO-Find 60). However, it doesn’t change the device level from ‘beginner’ to ‘middle’ one.


  • High discrimination quality
  • Simple adjustment
  • Operation reliability
  • Off-line operation duration without changing batteries


  • The device standard set includes a mono coil, not DD one
  • One operating frequency
  • No backlight
  • Small range of additional coils that can be used


With such a device you can start treasure hunting right after turning it on and it will do for various search conditions – beach hunting, fields or forests. Using this device, you spend more time on searching process, than on wrestling with a question if you selected all the settings correctly and whether one of them may lead to missing some targets.

Though, you shouldn’t expect significant detection depth from the device of beginner level. However, it can successfully compete with more famous and popular metal detector models of the same level.

If speaking about the alternative devices, we can mention Fisher F22 or BHLRP.