Mastering Accuracy: The XP MI-6 Pinpointer Advantage

Here you’ll find XP MI-6 pinpointer review. From this article you will know what makes the device different from its rivals, what its features are, how much it weighs, what the device package set includes and whether the XP MI-6 pinpointer is submergible.

What was the pinpointer designed for?

The pinpointer manufactured by XP Metal Detectors named MI-6 has been on the market for quite a long time already. The device was announced in 2016 and it became available on the market in 2017.

The standard XP MI-6 pinpointer package set quite often is called as innovative, modern and worthy, but the words themselves don’t mean much, since there are quite many high-quality, modern and advanced pinpointers.

However, unlike its rivals MI-6 can be called a unique device, since it has become the one and for now the only pinpointer that can operate together with XP Deus metal detector (that uses firmware 4.0 or higher version). At that, the control function can be managed not only by means of the remote control, but also by the headphones WS 4/WS 5.

When operating together with XP Deus:

  1. A menu to control the XP MI-6 pinpointer automatically appears on the metal detector remote control display;
  2. You can remove the function of automatic pinpointer menu activation using Deus settings;
  3. The following parameters can be adjusted using the pinpointer menu: sound mode and volume, sensitivity (50 levels).
  4. The modes you can see in the menu: pinpointer mode; a graphical image of the target appears on the remote control to enable identification of the target center; the lost mode helps to find the pinpointer when it is lost by means of producing sound and light signals;
  5. The pinpointer audio output goes directly to the headset or to XP Deus remote control;
  6. On the remote control screen you will see the pinpointer battery charge level.


Getting Deus metal detector isn’t a must if you’ve decided to buy and use MI-6.

You are welcome to use any other metal detector, since MI-6 can be used as an ordinary pinpointer. However, when it functions together with XP Deus it can demonstrate all its features to the full.

Here are some key features of the XP MI-6 pinpointer:

  1. Wireless Connectivity: The XP MI-6 features wireless connectivity, allowing it to be paired with compatible metal detectors, such as the XP Deus. This wireless connection enhances user convenience and flexibility during metal detecting.
  2. Rechargeable Battery: The pinpointer comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. This eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements and can be convenient for users who engage in extended metal detecting sessions.
  3. Waterproof Design: The XP MI-6 is designed to be waterproof, allowing users to submerge it in water during their metal detecting activities. This feature is particularly useful for detecting in rivers, streams, or wet conditions.
  4. Multiple Sensitivity Levels: Users can usually adjust the sensitivity of the pinpointer to suit different target sizes and depths. This feature helps in narrowing down the search area and precisely locating the target.
  5. Audio and Vibration Alerts: The pinpointer provides audio and vibration feedback to alert users when they are close to the target. Different tones or vibrations may indicate the proximity of the metal object.
  6. LED Light: Some versions of the XP MI-6 come with an integrated LED light, aiding visibility in low-light conditions or when searching in dark areas.
  7. Rugged and Durable Construction: The pinpointer is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, and its construction is often rugged and durable.
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As a standalone XP MI-6 pinpointer the device offers the following:

  • Three types of target response (sound, vibration, light);
  • 6 search modes;
  • 3 sensitivity levels;
  • 2 audio modes — beep and pitch;
  • High sensitivity, all around detection.
ModelXP MI-6
Weight0,44 lbs (200 grams)
Length10 inches (25 cm)
BatteriesLithium rechargeable battery
Warranty2 years
Operating PrincipleVLF
Operating Frequencies (kHz)12
Water resistanceWaterproof
Submersion Depth6 m / 20 ft
Audio2 audio modes
Ground BalanceNo
Sensitivity50 levels
Vibrating alertYes
Build-in flashlightYes

The review

XP MI-6 arrives packed into a small box with branded XP colors on it – black, red and white. The pinpointer itself is black and red, so it can be easily seen on the ground or in the grass.

The device has 6 search modes, an embedded powerful speaker with sound amplification function, vibration, and LED flashlight.

Inside the box except XP MI-6 pinpointer, there is a holster with XP emblem (a case to carry the pinpointer attached to a belt), a retractable lanyard, USB-Mini USB charging cable, user’s manual and a warranty.

The holster with XP Detectors emblem attaches conveniently to the belt, but even if don’t wear a belt, the holster can be attached to almost anything and the fixation is very reliable.

The lanyard is attached using the hole in the XP MI-6 pinpointer case.

Despite quite impressive functionality available, the pinpointer is controlled by means of only one button; the case and the button are rubberized and due to this the device doesn’t slip from a hand.

To turn on MI-6 use the button with a specific pictogram. The button is easily pushed (it is made from rubber) and it is integral with the device case.

To change XP MI-6 search mode you should push the button and hold it for 5 seconds, once the audio melody stops playing you can use the programing mode.

After the melody the device starts beeping — from 1 to 7 times. If you count to 3 — this will be search mode 3, if it is 6 — the search mode number is 6. After this the XP MI-6 pinpointer is ready for treasure hunting.

The device has 6 search modes, the seventh one is for using the pinpointer together with XP Deus.

Search modes 1-3 — use sound identification, modes 4-6 — are silent. It is recommended to use the 2nd search mode for general treasure hunting.

7 (For Deus XP)OnOffCustom

The pinpointer has two audio modes. The first one produces sound signal constantly, the sound becomes louder and higher once the target is getting closer (Pitch), the second mode is when the device only reacts on a target and beeps at this point (Bleep).

The pinpointer XP MI-6 has a protective shell with a scraping blade to help the user loosen the soil, search inside holes, in the sand, etc.

In my opinion, the scraping blade is one of the most questionable options of the device, since in my opinion, very few diggers would like to scrap their findings using one of the most expensive pinpointers on the market.

The battery

The pinpointer uses a rechargeable lithium battery of high capacity. The battery life is up to 90 hours of continuous use.

However, if you turn on the vibration mode, the device operation time decreases up to 30 hours. If you use the pinpointer with vibration and LED flashlight on – the time reduces to 10 hours of continuous operation. Maximum operation time (90 hours) can be achieved only if you use alongside Deus metal detector with the XP MI-6.

The battery is charged using mini-USB cable (you can also use electrical grid for this as well as any computer, notebook, any portable chargers – power-bank).

Under Mini USB cap there is a charge jack. It takes about three hours to charge the battery completely. When the charging is over, the LED starts blinking like it happens in all other XP devices.

While the battery is charging the LED blinks 3 times, then there is a pause and the cycle repeats. When the charging process is over, the LED is on for 4 seconds, then there is 4 seconds pause and the sequence repeats.

Every time you switch on XP MI-6 is shows the battery charge level: three blinks — 100%, two — 60%, one — 30%.


This is a waterproof pinpointer, submergible up to 20 feet (6 meters). Also, the device is floaty, so it won’t sunk in the water.


  • Simple operation
  • settings with minimal effort
  • 3 Levels of Sensitivity;
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • 7 Programs;
  • Works very well with XP Deus


  • volume is low because the unit is waterproof and the speaker is mounted inside
  • price


Despite the fact, that the device can function with any metal detector model, it is reasonable to buy it only if you use XP Deus or XP Deus 2. Why? There is nothing special about the pinpointer itself, since all its features are about the compatibility with this metal detector.

But if the pinpointer XP MI-6 will provide you with the same functions that can be found in other devices (for example, Minelab Pro-Find 35, Garrett Pro-Pointer II, White’s TRX Bullseye or Teknetics Tek-Point), what’s the point of overpaying?

Prices for XP products are definitely not cheap, and I personally don’t see the point in getting this pinpointer without a metal detector made by the same company.

If you dig with XP Deus, then the branded pinpointer is a must-have. If not, I’d advise you to consider other pinpointer models. They are cheaper and have better features. You are welcome to read the reviews of these pinpointers on our website.