Review: Garret Ace Apex Metal Detector

This article is about the Garrett Apex metal detector. We’ll renew and update the article with relevant information once we receive it to make sure that all the provided information is up to date. The article contains information about the device operating frequency, its search coil, whether headphones are included in the device package set, how long it can function using one battery charge, and other details.


Garrett hasn’t manufactured any new metal detectors for quite a long time (on a scale of the modern dynamically developing market). So, at the beginning of 2020, the company announced its new metal detector model.

The first video has appeared announcing the new Garrett model named Apex. Everything suggests that we’ll see the device on May 15. Thus, it is quite possible that it may appear on the market right after the premier.

What do we know for now? The device will likely be another one in the product line of metal detectors for beginners.

Garrett says that it will be a brand new metal detector:

  • It uses a completely new technology
  • It is very lightweight,
  • The device will have an internal rechargeable battery – USB-charged.
  • It will have a function «Iron volume».

This is it. Now, we should wait for additional information until May 15, 2020.

On the same day, Garrett APEX will be officially introduced.

It may become a strong rival to Nokta Makro Simplex, Minelab Vanquish, and Quest metal detectors series. Right now, you can watch the video from the official site.

Garrett ACE Apex Specifications

ModelGarrett ACE Apex
Weight2.5 lbs (1.13 kg)
Length (Adjustable)43″ to 56″ (1.09 m – 1.4 m)
Standard Searchcoil6″ x 11″ DD Viper™ or 8.5” x 11” DD Raider™
BatteriesRechargeable Lithium Ion, built-in; 7.5Wh, 30 g
HeadphonesYes, Z-Lynk Wireless Technology
Warranty2 years
Operating PrincipleVLF
Single Frequency Options5, 10, 15 and 20 kHz
Multi-Frequency OptionsSimultaneous Multi-Frequency and Multi-Frequency Salt
Standard Searchcoil6″ x 11″ DD Viper
Water resistanceRainproof control box
Submersion DepthNo
DiscriminationYes, 20 selectable segments
Iron Discrimination Segments8
Search Modes6, with International and US Coins modes
Updatable SoftwareYes
Large Digital Target ID0 to 99 scale
Ground BalanceAuto, 175 pts
Audio ThresholdNo
Sensitivity – Depth Adjustments8
Electronic PinpointingYes
VDI (0 to 99 scale)Yes
Build-in flashlightYes
Best Choice No. 2
Garrett ACE APEX Detector w/ 6 x 11 DD Viper Search Coil, Z-Lynk Headphones, Pro-Pointer at Z-Lynk, and Bag
  • Complete Flexibility – Choose from powerful single frequencies or select a…
  • 8 Channels per Frequency – 8 independent frequency shifts for each single and…
  • Six Detection Modes + Pinpoint – Zero, Coins, US Coins, Jewelry, Relics, and…

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What was the device designed for?

Garrett Apex is a novelty product in 2020, and this is a model from ACE product line.

CE that inherits all the best practices applied in the previous metal detector models. Probably, Ace Apex will follow in the steps of the successful models of this product line and become the best selling metal detector all over the world.

In simple words, Garrett Apex is a version of multifrequency Garrett ACE 400 or even an upgraded version of Garrett AT PRO. Taking into account that both metal detector models are considered to be good ones, adding a multifrequency function will definitely make the new model no less popular than the latter.

Using new Multi-Flex technology, you’ll be able to select one of the operating frequencies to improve the detection quality for some specific targets (precious metals, relics, etc.). Another option is to select one of the simultaneous multifrequency Apex modes to ensure the detection of any targets in all kinds of soils.

The review

The metal detector will be supplied in two package sets – Standard Package and Wireless Package. The advanced package includes wireless headphones MS-3 and a plastic cover for the device search coil.

The shaft

The shaft is the same that is used in Garrett AT product line (Garrett AT MAX, AT PRO, AT Gold). This shaft has proved to be reliable in all aspects. It has a solid and enduring armrest, comfortable handle, reliable collet clamps without any looseness.

The metal detector weight (together with Garrett 6×1 coil) is 2.5 lbs (1.13 kgs). The device size varies from 43″ to 56″ (1.09m – 1.4m).

The search coil

The coil is called Viper, and it has elliptical shape 6×11 inches, the coil type is DD (DoubleD), it’s a waterproof one. This coil is too small to go metal detecting in the fields, but it will perfectly do for digging in trashy areas.

Garrett ACE Apex metal detector uses a multifrequency, i.e. it uses several various operating frequencies simultaneously. (read more about operating frequencies here). Garrett Apex can also use just one operating frequency like Minelab Equinox. The following frequencies are available – 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 15 kHz, 20 kHz. The device offers two multifrequency modes: Multifrequency and Multi-Salt (the mode was designed especially for metal detecting in mineralized soils).

Also, each frequency has a frequency shift option to ensure the possibility of working close to other metal detectors. The device has eight independent channels or frequency shifts for each operating frequency. These 48 various frequency settings provide the possibility for the device to function properly near other metal detectors and ignore different electric and magnetic noise.


Garrett Apex uses an embedded wireless technology Garrett Z-LYNK. Pay attention that each metal detector has a wireless unit, but it will function only with the wireless headphones that are included in the Advanced package set of the device.

An exclusive wireless technology Garrett Z-LYNK functions six times faster than a standard Bluetooth.


The internal rechargeable battery of Garrett Apex provides 15 hours of the device continuous operation, depending on the device settings and search mode. You can charge the battery using the USB cable (mini USB).

A mini-USB charging cable is included in the package set. It also has a headphone jack (mini-Jack 3.5 mm).

Control unit

The control unit is black with yellow edges. The device LCD has a backlit. The control unit is a waterproof one. It can work in the rain, but you mustn’t submerge it. The bright backlit ensures better visibility of the device setting and target identificatory at the condition of insufficient light.

In the display, you can see target detection depth and a 20-segments discrimination scale. VDI values vary from 0 to 99. Values from 0 to 39 are for ferrous metals. You can change discrimination in increments of 5 (there are 20 segments at all).

Garrett Apex has an audio gain control and separate control for iron volume. We should mention that there was no such possibility in many previous metal detector models, which was completely inconvenient when using the devices.

The metal detector is plain and simple to use since it has an intuitive interface. To activate the device, it is enough to push the power button. It activates with the same search mode on, which was set earlier since the device has a built-in function of remembering the latest search mode chosen.

You can switch between the modes using the ‘select mode’ button. The device settings are adjusted in a standard way through the menu. You can set the following parameters using the control panel:

  • sensitivity;
  • volume;
  • volume only for iron targets;
  • operating frequency;
  • backlit;
  • the wireless mode of the device operation;

Search modes

The device has six search modes — All metal, Coins, US Coins, Jewelry, Relics, and Custom. It has a pinpointer function, manual and automatic ground balancing IRON AUDIO function and 5-tone sound response.

The designers wanted to create a multi-purpose metal detector model that would be efficient for beginners and interesting for experienced detectorists.

  1. ‘All metal’ mode is not recommended to be used in trashy areas. Usually, it is turned on when the place is quite clean, and there isn’t much iron trash around.
  2. ‘Coins’ – right after you turn the mode on, the device is ready to detect small-sized objects.
  3. ‘US coins’ – this option was specially designed since the company is American, and Americans are its main customers.
  4. ‘Jewelry’ is a perfect option for those looking for chains, earrings, and other jewelry made from precious metals.
  5. ‘Relics’ is a mode for those who like searching for artifacts. This mode has sufficient detection depth; thus, larger targets can be detected.
  6. ‘Custom’ is a mode for professional users. It allows adjusting the device to some specific digging conditions.


This option has also been foreseen. It is used after the target was detected and identified:

  1. To turn the mode on, press and hold the pinpoint button.
  2. After this, you will see the value of the detected target signal on the display
  3. You should slowly move the device to the left, to the right, back and forth as if you were drawing a cross
  4. When the maximum value is reached, you can start digging there – this means that the target is right under the search coil.

Utilizing this function, you can define the exact target location, and you won’t have to spend much time and effort when digging in several places simultaneously and then be disappointed with the result.

Recovery speed

This is a very important parameter since this is the one that defines how efficient os a metal detector and how quickly it detects new targets. Garrett Ace Apex has a high recovery rate due to which you can go metal detecting even if the soil is quite mineralized or the area is trashy.

Sound identification

This time Garrett has taken the process of fixing its mistakes seriously, and it has finally heard his users’ needs. As a result, the device now has a convenient volume control to ensure that each user can adjust it according to his needs and preferences. Besides, a separate function – iron audio adjustment was foreseen.

None of the previous models has had it. The metal detector has 5-tone sound identification, and it also has a hybrid audio system with a 2-tone proportional audio output. This means that by the type of audio signal, you can define some target characteristics and thus study the area more thoroughly or move to some other place.

Iron Audio

This is a useful function if you don’t want to hear the low sound of iron targets each time when the device detects iron targets, which is very annoying and distracting when treasure hunting in trashy areas.

To avoid such a situation, you can decrease iron audio volume. At that, when detecting non-ferrous targets, you will hear an audio signal of standard volume. Garrett Ace Apex offers 8 levels of volume control – it has the most flexible system of setting the iron amount within this price range.


Discrimination defines how good is a metal detector at seeing between just a piece of iron and copper targets or gold nuggets. This model has 20 discrimination points to add or exclude from the discrimination segment during the metal detecting process.

Use “+” and “-” to perform necessary adjustments. This function is especially useful when treasure hunting in areas full of iron trash. If you often get unwanted targets from the same metal, just exclude it from the search segment.


You can select one of eight sensitivity levels. When adjusting this parameter, you should consider several important factors:

  1. You should set minimum values for searching for small objects such as earrings, for example.
  2. If you walk on highly mineralized soil, decrease the sensitivity level, this will allow you to avoid false signals.
  3. To search for deep iron targets, set a high sensitivity level.

If, during the metal detecting process, you rarely receive target signals, you should increase the device sensitivity.

Ground balance

There are 175 values of the ground balance parameter.

A metal detector can’t work efficiently with the same settings for all soil types, because soil mineralization influences the device productivity and metal targets detection. To eliminate this issue, the device designers have foreseen a ground balance function. You can do it:

  • Manually, which is an option for experienced treasure hunters.
  • Automatically – the device analyses the soil parameters itself and then adjusts correspondingly.

When using Garrett Ace Apex, you can go metal detecting in salt and highly mineralized soil, i.e., on the beach. To perform ground balance, push and hold the ‘balance’ button. At that, you should wave the search coil, placing it at about 2-3 inches above the ground.


  • Standard operating frequencies from 5 to 20 kHz. Two search modes are available: Multi-Flex is used for standard treasure hunting in the fields; Multi-Salt is for detecting a target in mineralized soil, on the beach, or in seawater.
  • An LCD with a backlit – it is nice, functional, and convenient.
  • Accumulator battery with high capacity enables long term and faultless device operation for 15 hours. If the charge level decreases, you can charge the device using a mini USB, included in the device package set.
  • Precise and full-fledged ground balance function
  • Iron Audio simplifies the search process since it enables ferrous targets discrimination
  • The manufacturer provides an official 2-year warranty for the device. If you’ve followed standard operational procedures, the device will serve even longer.


  • Not the best and modern shaft
  • A small search coil
  • USB connector used to charge the device has not a very convenient location


The company began to lose its positions on the market because it hasn’t updated the product line for a long time, and its rivals started to produce better metal detectors for more affordable prices.

However, when you take a look at the new model, you can see that the company has been following the market and preparing to design a new device. Moreover, you can even guess which companies and models they’ve been following.

These are Vanquish and Equinox metal detectors designed by Minelab. Wil Apex be able to compete with the latter? It’s hard to say after watching the video. Let’s wait till the metal detector appears on sale.

UPD: 23.05.20

I have contacted Garret and asked them several questions about the new metal detector. I’m happy to say that I’ve received answers from them, namely from Steve Moore (Marketing Director). So, if you have any further questions, you are welcome to send them to and I hope Steve will answer them as well.

This is the fist Garret metal detector that uses a multi-frequency technology. Should we expect to see your new metal detector models using it as well?

We will base future product launches on the feedback from our customers. With multi-frequency flexibility being such a popular item with detectors at this point, I think it’s safe to say we will strongly consider having that option in some future detectors.

Which diggers segment the device was designed for? It’s not a waterproof one, but it has search modes for beach hunting.

This is a multi-faceted machine. It is ideal for coin hunters, relic hunters, beach hunters, and even for prospecting. It should only be used for wading, as the control box is not waterproof, but it is fully weatherproof and rain resistant. As with previous ACE series detectors, the ACE Apex is a strong machine to use for many types of detecting, including old home sites and open field searching.

Why does the metal detector use such a small-sized coil of this specific shape?

As noted in our presentation, the Viper coil is a blend of two most popular DD coil sizes: our 8.5” x 11” coil for broad coverage, and our 5” x 8” DD for searching tight spaces. With an 11” size, the Viper still covers a lot of ground, but with its narrow 6” footprint, it can also be used in trashy, iron-infested areas to sniff out good targets amongst the trash. It’s the best of both worlds.

Will any additional coils be available on sale?

Yes, Garrett is working on additional coils for the Apex. Pricing and release date information will be forthcoming.

Will the search coils be interchangeable with the previous models?

As noted on our website and discussed in the Apex release meetings, Apex searchcoils will not be interchangeable with other Garrett ACE units. The Viper coil employs a broad-bandwidth technology that allows it to work with the full spectrum of single and simultaneous multi-frequencies. For the same reasons, prior ACE coils are not designed to work on an Apex detector.